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would wake up the way that you have woken up. >> you and me both, peaceful religion? these guys since they were little kids they were taught how to be terrorists. i don't understand it. by the way it was the muslim brotherhood that was spochblg for bringing those catholic churches in egypt, they said they only looked the other way. why don't you have the courage to look at it and stop it. >> what was the big rush to get the muslim brotherhood in power in egypt them? >> that's a good point. >> leading mubarak in. good job. >> both george bush and barack obama said we want democracy in egypt. well they got it and look what they got. we have got to learn a lesson here that we can't impose our democracy in other countries because you're not going to like what you get. >> let them vote in democracies, let them vote in the muslim brotherhood if they want. but don't give them all the tools to fight us when we don't like what happens over there. >> but when the muslim brotherhood, when mohammad morsi who represents the muslim brotherhood won in egypt, that was the moment we should have said,
? she has a first amendment freedom of expression for her religion. why? >> bill: i don't know if improper is the right word. it's outrageous. >> it's unconstitutional. here is another word for you. >> bill: if you want to put a cross or star of david or crescent for the muslims around your neck. >> disturbing. put it that way. >> is she going to sue? is she going to take this further? >> she brought a letter saying i want an apology. this has been happening not just this one time but upsetting incidents. >> bill: that's a big cross though and that's a cross in play, right? that looks like the cross sister mary larona in the 3rd grade. almost hit me in the nose. >> but even if it's big, she has a right to wear it? >> she has an absolute right in a state school, freedom of expression. >> bill: we don't know whether she is going to litigate? >> she has got to show damages. >> it's been resolved so there is not going to be a financial recovery here. i think it's important for declaratory judgment so it doesn't happen to other people. she could tattoo a cross on herself if she want
a presenting man mother is skilled you are charged with two murders. >> this is based on religion, not signs and reason it's a comeo woman's constitutional right to have an abortion. martha: give us background on what has driven this controversy in this area. >> reporter: this bill would require abortions be performed in ambulatory surgical centers which have stricter requirements than abortion clinics and doctors performing apportions a- abortions would have to have hospital privileges within 30 miles of where they are performing the abortions. might would assure the clinics don't have the atrocious conditions we are seeing in multiple clinic across the country. >> but critic are saying that woulded would add costs. planned parenthood says they don't want interference with a woman's right to have an abergs and they will not stand for it. martha: what this bill could mean for texas and the implications for the rest of the country. we'lgregg: new reports president obama is considering withdrawing all-american troops from afghanistan. u.s. and european officials say the president has broken in
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)